More Monster Sketches

Here are two more monster illustrations.  The first one is a Mind Flayer.  In the Dungeons and Dragons fantasy role-playing game, Illithids also known as Mind Flayers are monstrous humanoids with a H.P. Lovecraft Cthulhu looking head.   I always thought them especially frightening.  The second drawing is a fish man.  Part man and part fish.. well, mostly fish.  I made its face resemble Merman from the 1980s He-Man cartoon. 

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2 thoughts on “More Monster Sketches

  1. Nathan says:

    Very cool creatures! I can see an unwary swimmer being grabbed from the depths by your merman. I like how his elongated arms and awkward proportions give him more of the creature look and not that man in a rubber suit vibe. The Mind Flayer is also very well drawn. The red in his cape, slash and hood unify him and offset the cold colors of his flesh and suit. I could see him as a dark side villain in Star Wars. For D&D, the Beholder always impressed me, more for its gravity defying, anatomical impossibility. I thought yours, many posts ago, was particularly well done. I look forward to more monsters.

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