Monthly Archives: October 2016

Mr. Hyde #inktober #inktober2016

Here is my sixteenth drawing for InkTober.  I created a drawing of Mr. Hyde from the Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson.  

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Happy Scarecrow #inktober #inktober2016

Here is my fifteenth drawing for InkTober.  I created a drawing of a happy scarecrow out for a stroll in a pumpkin patch.


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Here is my fourteenth drawing for InkTober.  I created a drawing of an angry looking cat monster.  It is part man, part cat and all angry.


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Pandora’s box #INKTOBER #INKTOBER2016

Here is my thirteenth drawing for InkTober.  I created a drawing of a woman opening a box that she should have left closed.  I was thinking about the myth of Pandora’s box.


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Creepy Monster Creature #INKTOBER #INKTOBER2016

Here is my twelfth drawing for InkTober.  A creepy looking monster creature that looks like it wants to give you a hug.


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Ghost In A Graveyard #INKTOBER #INKTOBER2016

Here is my eleventh drawing for InkTober.  I created a ghost floating about a graveyard.  Thrills and chills!!!!


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Vampire drawing #INKTOBER #INKTOBER2016

Here is my tenth drawing for InkTober.  I created a vampire and her monster.


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Halloween Monster #INKTOBER #INKTOBER2016

Here is my drawing number nine for InkTober.  I drew a candy consuming Halloween monster.


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Roper Monster #INKTOBER #INKTOBER2016

Here is drawing number eight for InkTober.  I drew one of the monsters from the original Dungeons and Dragons monster manual called a Roper.  The Roper stays very still to resemble a harmless stalagmite, and when prey comes near it lashes out with its rope like arms to constrict the prey and pull it into its repellent mouth.


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Ghost and Pumpkin #INKTOBER #INKTOBER2016

Here is my seventh inkTober drawing of hair raising thrill and excitement!  I created a ghost rising out of a pumpkin.


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