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Deep down in the darkness of the Ocean. Illustration I made of a walk in the sea.

I sketched this drawing while in an art teacher meeting.  I inked it in later that same night.  I like the idea of isolating all the elements in their own flat space within the composition.

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Scary alien monster pen and ink drawing I created

Here is a scary alien monster pen and ink drawing I created.  I started the drawing doodling in a meeting at work and finished it up with pens at home.

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Happy almost Thanksgiving! Here is my turkey drawing to honor the holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.  I made a pen and ink drawing for the occasion.  Happy Thanksgiving 2017.

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Drawing of an alien stranded on a barren planet.  

Here is a pen and ink drawing I created of an alien stranded after its ship crashed.  The alien is assessing its surroundings and realizing its bleak chances of survival on a barren planet.  I tried some different line work and solid shadows on the boulders in this drawing.

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Where The Wild Things Are tribute art. I’ve been reading the book with my son a great deal the last few weeks.

I loved Maurice Sendak’s book Where The Wild Things Are when I was a kid and have been reading the book to my son.  He loves the book especially the part when the wild things roar their terrible roars and gnash their terrible teeth and roll their terrible eyes and show their terrible claws. I created a tribute drawing in honor of the book.

A Seance Gone Dreadfully Right.

This is a drawing I started during Inktober back in October.  I finished it and I’m posting it for all to see.  This Victorian seance depicted in my drawing was all too successful.  One should be careful when communicating with spirits!  It could be an Edwardian seance, I’m not stuck hard and fast to it being a Victorian seance!

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Attack Of The Four Armed Beast

I inked in a fun sketch I made back in October.  A creature with four arms is leaping out from behind some boulders.  Beware the beast with four arms and twelve fingers. 

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Illustration for a client of a Robert E. Howard barbarian type character. The drawing was for Esoteric Exhumed

At the end of the summer I made a few illustrations for a client.  The sketches were for Esoteric Exhumed by John M Stater  This is one of the illustrations of a Robert E. Howard barbarian type character. 

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