Fun illustration of a creepy crab creature for a client.

This was a really fun illustration to create.   This drawing is work for an upcoming monster manual from Esoteric Exhumed  The monster is a crab-like, eel-necked, creepy creature with a couple arms and with three-fingered hands.  It is suppose to be holding a hapless adventurer in chains.  I’ll tell you what, drawing creepy crab creatures sure is fun!  It is not every day you are asked to create an eel-necked crab monster!

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3 thoughts on “Fun illustration of a creepy crab creature for a client.

  1. Nathan says:

    Great fantasy creature. No, it is not everyday that you are asked to draw a freaky human handed electric crab. I like his eyes, expression and all the keys on the chain around his neck! Fun drawing.

    • fine art says:

      Wow! What is your inspiration? I am a fine arts student in the beautiful city of Winnipeg. It’s cold here right now. In the future I would like to make cool illustrations too! Have a great (whatever time of day you are having when you are reading this)!!! Thank you for sharing your work!

      • David says:

        Fine Art, thank you for the comment. That particular illustration was for a role playing game publication client. Enjoy your winter in Winnipeg. I’m originally from Michigan, so I have some idea what winter can really be like.

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