Illustration of a warrior riding a dragon for the RPG publisher Esoterica Exhumed

More work for the RPG publisher Esoterica Exhumed This is an illustration of a warrior riding a dragon.  The warrior has armor with a lion motif, a scimitar, a crescent-shaped shield and a collection of heads.  He has held on to the heads of some of his fallen enemies. The setting has an Ancient Persian inspired theme.  This illustration was created for NOD.  NOD is a bi-monthly gaming magazine for old school hex crawl games.

5 thoughts on “Illustration of a warrior riding a dragon for the RPG publisher Esoterica Exhumed

  1. Beautiful illustration. Has a certain 90s Warhammer style to it, with its more comicesque character features. Really like the contrast you achieved and differentiation of textures.

    • David says:

      Daggerandbrush, thank you for the thoughtful comment. It does have a 90s Warhammer vibe to the illustration. By the way, I enjoy your model work that you post on your site.

  2. Nathan says:

    Very well done. Love all the detail and the Persian theme. Even the dragon has an Eastern vibe to him. And if I was riding a dragoon, I would have all those saddle straps too!

  3. Cindy D. says:

    Cool! I love the costume with the lion motif. And the dragon gear with all those buckled belts. The heads… well I could take em or leave em. LOL ;D

    • David says:

      Cindy, thanks for the comment. The heads were part of the illustration guide lines. I’m not head over heals about them. I don’t think they really helped me get ahead in life. Creating the illustration was not really that hard, I did not lose my head over it.

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