My fan art illustration of Dr. Strange #inktober #inktober2018

My first illustration for Inktober 2018.  I created a fan art illustration of Dr. Strange.  I looked at the comic book version of the character and the movie version depicted by Benedict Cumberbatch.  I leaned more on the original version for my rendering of his costume.  I added some Cthulhu looking statues in the background.   I thought Dr. Strange was cool as a kid because he is a mysterious wizard that looks a great deal like Count Dracula.   I did not really understand what Dr. Strange was all about as a kid.

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11 thoughts on “My fan art illustration of Dr. Strange #inktober #inktober2018

  1. Amazing work!👏👏☺

  2. Nathan says:

    Cool picture of Dr. Strange. I never understood him as a comic character. He seemed to be perpetually flying about on a cosmic trip somewhere between universes without ever actually doing anything. I like the creepy monsters in the background with the odd, disembodied tentacle or two.

    • David says:

      He did seem to always be up to something of great worth or significance, but never actually did anything. I never saw him punch a problem in the face like most Marvel heroes do.

  3. Great picture! What is Inktober?

    • David says:

      Brilliantveiwpoint, thanks for the comment. Inktober is an annual challenge created by illustrator Jake Parker that calls on artists to create an ink-based drawing every day of the month and share their creations. I am not trying to make a drawing every day, but I’m making an illustration every few days for all of October.

  4. Great start to Inktober.

    • David says:

      Peter Ono the Uptighturbanite, thank you for stopping by my blog and taking a look. Thanks for the comment. I really like your character illustration work.

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