My Scooby Doo illustration

Jinkies! I have been watching the original Scooby Doo show with my son.  I made this illustration of the mystery inc. gang inspired by the opening from the 1969 show.  I have a few more illustrations of some Scooby Doo monsters I’ll post sometime soon. 

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2 thoughts on “My Scooby Doo illustration

  1. Nathan says:

    Outstanding picture! I thought it was a really well done, vintage promotional poster! I love how Scooby is the only one who is like, “Ah, guys.” Great selection of janitors with their various costumed means to scare off people so they don’t have to use precious sanitation supplies but can sell them online. My 2020 spooky twist. Very very drawn, and I look forward to seeing more of Mystery Inc.

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