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Drawing robots with my son.

I drew a few quick robots and a monster with my four year old son.  He drew his own robots.  He likes drawing just like his dad.  He is really into Astro Boy right at this particular moment.  I included his drawing below mine.

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Tim the tiefling

A tiefling in the forest.  A tiefling in the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy roleplaying game, is a horned humanoid race.   They usually have tails, maybe this Tim has a tale to tell about his lack of tail.

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Caveman barbarian and his pet dog-wolf.

Just your typical drawing of a caveman barbarian and his pet dog-wolf.  They both look like they just saw something that made them mad.

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None Shall Pass

Was looking at some old 1980s role playing illustrations when I came up with this guy.  He has an old school RPG (Role Playing Game) feel about him.

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My Netflix’s Hilda fan art. #Hilda

I made a fan art illustration of characters from Hilda.  Hilda is a cartoon on Netflix based on a series of graphic novels by cartoonist Luke Pearson.  My son enjoys when I  read to him the Hilda graphic novels.  We watched the show together when it came out on Netflix.  Hilda is about a fearless girl who lives in a Nordic-like land full of trolls, elves, ghosts, giants and other mysterious creatures.  Hilda (pictured in front) gets into adventures with her two Sparrow Scout friends, her mom and a cast of other characters.  It is a very charming show.  For all its charm, my son really likes the scary parts best.

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Happy 2019! Here is my illustration of an optimistic adventurer.

Happy New Year!  This is my illustration of an optimistic adventurer setting off into the world looking for fame and glory.  I thought about the new year and came up with the idea of this confident man having yet encountered any deadly obstacles.  Happy 2019!  I hope it is a great year.

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Druid going about his druid business #INKTOBER #INKTOBER2018

Another illustration I created for Inktober 2018.   I drew this illustration in Brazil and inked it here in the States.  This one is of a druid going about his mysterious druid business.  He had to do an errand, he had to pick a peck of Snide in a dark and gloomy Snide-field that was almost nine miles wide.

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My fan art illustration of Dr. Strange #inktober #inktober2018

My first illustration for Inktober 2018.  I created a fan art illustration of Dr. Strange.  I looked at the comic book version of the character and the movie version depicted by Benedict Cumberbatch.  I leaned more on the original version for my rendering of his costume.  I added some Cthulhu looking statues in the background.   I thought Dr. Strange was cool as a kid because he is a mysterious wizard that looks a great deal like Count Dracula.   I did not really understand what Dr. Strange was all about as a kid.

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Monk Sketch

This is another one of the drawings I made over the summer break.  I felt inspired to create an Eastern monk.

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