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Monster illustration I started during a meeting.

Came up with this odd horny monster creature during a meeting.  This monster would not sit through a meeting.  It would knock over all the meeting tables and eat the projector.

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Illustration of the accursed abyss deep inside a forgotten tomb.

An adventurer heading down steps that lead deep into a tomb and into some accursed ultimate abyss.  I gave this pulpish illustration an Egyptian flavor.

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My strange angry looking birdman monster illustration

Came up with this odd creature during a meeting.  Nothing like a good mind numbing meeting to make me draw angry birdman monsters.  We all can hope for the day when time-sucking irrelevant meetings will be attacked by bird monsters!

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alien cyborg on a strange world.

This is my illustration of an alien cyborg.  Try to find a place to rest your eyes.  I added a whole bunch of detail around the figure. 

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Weird monster illustration of a cute and repulsive creature.

This in an illustration of a weird monster I made.  It is sort of cute and repulsive at the same time.  

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Drawing of myself drawing monsters.

My illustration of myself drawing monsters. I’m always drawing monsters, thought I would make a drawing of drawing monsters.


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Strange alien in a strange land.

Illustration of a strange creature that I started during a meeting.  I added some unusual fauna surrounding the figure.

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My illustration of exploration on Venus inspired by the tabletop role-playing game Space 1889.

This is another illustration inspired by Space 1889 the tabletop role-playing game of Victorian-era space-faring created by Frank Chadwick in 1988. This is an illustration of a British explorer and his native lizard-man Venusian guide exploring deep into the sweltering swamps of Venus atop a trained giant crab.  Venus is often depicted in early science fiction literature as being warmer, but still habitable by humans. In Space 1889, Venus is a world covered with a perpetual cloud layer obscuring the surface from view. Under the clouds Venus has a very hot, wet climate and it’s surface is covered in shallow seas, trackless jungles and swamps.  The planet is dominated by giant dinosaurs and a myriad of other dangerous primeval beasts.  


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Inked in illustration of an unused undead creature design for a client’s role playing game.

This is an unused sketch I decided to ink.  The sketch was a design for a flaming fire corpse undead creature for a client’s role playing game.  The guys head is on fire!

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My fan art drawing of Mer-Man from Masters of the Universe. I’m indulging in 80s nostalgia. #He-man

Here he is, Mer-Man from Masters of the Universe.  In the Filmation animated series Mer-Man is one of Skeletor’s most prominent henchman.  In the original television series he talked like a man gargling mouthwash.  His voice annoyed the heck out of my brother.  I learned how to do a decent Mer-man impression so I could annoy my brother, as well.

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