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Illustration of a robot with a brain.

Another unused design for a client that I inked in and added more elements to the composition.  This guy is a robot with a brain.  Looks like he is out for a stroll in what is left of an abandon RadioShack.  

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My Edgar Rice Burroughs inspired Martian looking character.

I inked in an unused sketch for a client ( John Stater of Esoterica Exhumed HTTPS://LANDOFNOD.BLOG/).  This illustration is an Edgar Rice Burroughs inspired Martian looking character.  Edgar Rice Burroughs was an American pulp fiction author most famous for creating Tarzan.  He also wrote novels about Barsoom his fictional representation of the planet Mars.  Edgar Rice Burroughs  was very influential in the adventure and science-fiction genres of literature. I read A Princess of Mars, the first in Burroughs Barsoom series.  Still is a great novel in the adventure and science-fiction genre over a hundred years after its 1912 publication date.

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Perilous perils on a perilous planet.

The title pretty much sums it up.  My illustration of a planet that is not suitable for intergalactic tourism.

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Happy 2018! I’m starting the year out with a space Cyclops drawing.

Happy 2018!  Hopefully this is going to be a good year for my family and humanity in general.  I’m starting the year off with a space Cyclops drawing.  Started this one at a meeting at school way back in 2017.

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Patrol on Hoth #Star Wars Fan Art

I made some Star Wars fan art in anticipation of The Last Jedi movie coming out this week. This is an illustration of a patrol on Hoth way out past the first marker of Echo Base. The small patrol is accompanied by a trusty Tauntaun.  I loved the Kenner toy Tauntauns my brother and I owned when we were kids.  The planet Hoth always resonates with me.   Being from Michigan a world of snow and ice is abundantly familiar.

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Drawing of an alien stranded on a barren planet.  

Here is a pen and ink drawing I created of an alien stranded after its ship crashed.  The alien is assessing its surroundings and realizing its bleak chances of survival on a barren planet.  I tried some different line work and solid shadows on the boulders in this drawing.

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Skateboarding Cosmonaut

I created this illustration of a skateboarding cosmonaut for the Illustration Friday website.  It has been a very long time since I posted something on that site.  The word this week is, Skate.  Thought I would have a cosmonaut on a skateboard.  That cosmonaut is getting some serious air, dude!  I created the illustration with ink and added the color digitally.

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Pirates and Aliens

Here are two recent drawings I created.  One is a fun pirate drawing I made during a meeting and the other is an alien mercenary I created when I was sketching over the weekend.

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Space Monster InkTober sketch #INKTOBER #INKTOBER2016

Here is my fourth drawing for inkTober.  It is some sort of big eyed Alien.  bigeyemonster


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