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Drawing From My Visit To The Natural History Museum

This summer I stopped by the Harvard Museum of Natural History in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  I inked in this sketch of a squid I created at the museum.  The museum has an amazing collection of life from around the globe.  

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Three Bears

I created this illustration of Goldilocks and the Three Bears for the Illustration Friday website.  The word this week is, three. I used pen and ink and added the color digitally.

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Third Ink drawing #Inktober #Inktober2016

My buddy Mike convinced me to give InkTober a try.  Here is my third drawing.  I’m going to stick to monsters and Halloween themed drawings… maybe.  monsterinktober

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Carrion Crawler Creeping and Crawling

I used Photoshop brushes to add color to my drawing of a Carrion Crawler sneaking up on some unsuspecting adventures.  Certainly had fun creating this illustration.  I used shades of greens and blues to create a unified palette.


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Boba Fett Illustration

This is my fan art illustration of the bounty hunter Boba Fett.  He is one of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy and one of the most beloved villains from the Star Wars movies. Boba Fett has customized Mandalorian armor, deadly weaponry, and a silent demeanor.  However, none of that kept him from falling into a Sarlacc pit.


Do, or do not. There is no try.

I made an illustration of Yoda.  I was going to just try and make an illustration until I realized, “Do, or do not. There is no try.”  Yoda is my favorite resident of the swamps of Dagobah where it bubbles all the time like a giant carbonated soda.  Yo-yo-yo-yo Yoda!

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Fast Sharpie Drawings

Here are some really fast drawings I made at work using a sharpie.  I added color to the first drawing using Photoshop.  It is October so my next post will be a spooky related subject.  Mermaidcolor cutealien Dragonrider Diver

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Black Color Pencil Sketches.

This pair of sketches are from an old sketch book.  I created them with a black color pencil.  I was practicing drawing faces with a Prismacolor pencil.  A black pencil gives you some interesting line weights and effects. Blackcolorpencilface Blackcolorpencilfaces

It’s A Map!

This is a quick example of a treasure map I created for a project I’m working on with second graders.  It is a rough drawing; I would like to make a more complex and complete drawing at some point.  The mysterious island genre has always captured my imagination.  Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe and Jules Verne’s Mysterious Island launched an entire genre centered around people finding themselves marooned on dangerous islands.  In those stories the characters ultimately make the best of their situation and eventually escape. Having a map would have made an extended stay on those dangerous islands much more pleasant.Islandtreasuremap

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