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High Martian Space 1889 Fan Art.

This is another illustration inspired by Space 1889 the tabletop role playing game of Victorian era space adventure.  This is my version of a High Martian warrior from Mars.  In the game the High Martians are savage and primitive by comparison to all the other peoples of Mars.  They are the terror of the skies of Mars.  They are shown as having odd leather looking outfits, four fingered hands and feet and they fly somehow with flying squirrel like skin flaps.

My illustration of Victorian-era adventure on the planet Venus

This is my illustration inspired by Space 1889 the tabletop role-playing game of Victorian-era space-faring created by Frank Chadwick in 1988.  The game presented an alternate history in which discredited Victorian scientific theories were instead found to be true and have led to the existence of new technologies that can transport mankind through the luminiferous aether of space (universal medium that permeates space, based on a now outdated scientific theory).  The great powers of Europe discover the other planets it be inhibited and go on a new round of imperial colonization of our planetary neighbors.   This is an illustration is of a British officer and his female associate deep in the swamps of Venus.  Venus is often depicted in early science fiction literature as being warmer, but still habitable by humans.

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My illustration of a woman riding some sort of cat-dog creature in a jungle.

Here is an illustration I started during a meeting of a woman riding some sort of cat-dog creature.  She is in a jungle, one of my favorite environments.  Not sure what the whole story would be behind this one, but I had fun drawing the illustration.

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Alien monster in a jar captured by an exoplanetary biologist.

Had fun with the retro looking machinery that makes up the walls in this illustration.  The woman is an exoplanetary biologist looking with some pride at a particularly dangerous creature she managed to capture alive.  I sketched this illustration out for Inktober, but just found the time to ink it in this week.  Has some shades of the movie The Shape of Water.  However, this interspecies pair do not seem to be on good terms.  I still have not been able to see Guillermo del Toro’s latest movie.



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My ink illustration of a two headed zilant wyvern dragon.

I created this illustration of a two headed zilant wyvern for a client.  It is work for an upcoming monster manual from Esoteric Exhumed A zilant wyvern is a legendary Tatar creature, something between a dragon and a wyvern.

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My illustration of a robot stepping out for a stroll around the block.

This one is a robot illustration I started during a meeting.  Started the drawing with a sphere and built off that shape.

I finished up this unused Inktober alien illustration.

This is an unused ink illustration of an alien that I made back in October.  It was for Inktober, I just did not finish it before the month was up.  Not sure what this guys deal is.  He is not the sort of creature I would want to run into in a dark alley.  Honestly, I really don’t want to run into anyone in a dark alley.  I prefer my dark alleys completely abandoned.

My illustration of a ferocious space crab monster

My illustration of a ferocious space crab monster on a distant planet orbiting the dying star Betelgeuse.  Betelgeuse is a red supergiant star 642.5 light years away from our planet.  Astronomers believe the star might end its life in a supernova explosion.   Started this illustration at a meeting at school way back in 2017.

Blue feathered Twitter monster

I was thinking about what Twitter would look like if it was an actual bird.  I believe it would look like this feather covered, toothless beaked jaw terrifying monster.   Lately, I have been posting more on Twitter and it is a beast of a different sort from WordPress.

Happy almost Thanksgiving! Here is my turkey drawing to honor the holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.  I made a pen and ink drawing for the occasion.  Happy Thanksgiving 2017.

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