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Spooky Space Kook

Here is my illustration of the Spooky Space Kook from the original Scooby Doo show.  In the episode Scooby and the gang investigate the mystery of a ghostly spaceman at an abandoned airfield. Once again, it turns out it is a guy in a mask.

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Illustration of insects with watercolor pens

I made an illustration of insects with a set of watercolor pens. Santa gave the pens to my son for Christmas. My son and I had a good time drawing with the watercolor pens Christmas morning. 

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Happy Halloween!

Here is my tenth and last illustration for Inktober 2019.  I had a good time making some illustrations for inktober in 2019. Happy day before Halloween!

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Little witch trick-or-treating

Here is my third illustration for Inktober 2019.  I made an illustration of a little witch trick-or-treating.  I plan on posting two illustrations a week for this years Inktober.

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A good old Robot illustration

A robot illustration I started during a meeting and finished at home.  I designed the robot using a mix of long rectangles and ovals.   Mixing up shapes can give your creations varied designs.

Watercolor T-Rex painting I made while painting with my son

I did some watercolor painting with my son on Friday.  I made this quick illustration of a T-Rex while my four year old son had a good time painting shapes and colors.  Scanning watercolors on my Canon printer always distorts the color.  Still, it came out fairly close to the original.

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Walk Through The Jungle

This is one of the illustrations I made after going on a hike in the jungle with my family this summer.  We were in the jungles of Espírito Santo state in southeast Brazil.  The jungles in Espírito Santo do not look like this illustration, but the hike inspired me to make this drawing.

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Two dinosaurs hanging out together.

My illustration of two dinosaurs hanging out together.  I had this sketch sitting around from a few months back and I inked it in over the weekend.  They are not supposed to represent any actual species of dinosaurs.  I just made them up .

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Page full of warm up doodles

This is a page full of doodles.  I used it to warm up when I was inking some illustrations.  I usually start inking something small like a face or just make lines before I put the ink down on a final illustration.  It is a good way to get into the flow of inking.

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Illustration of a warrior riding a dragon for the RPG publisher Esoterica Exhumed

More work for the RPG publisher Esoterica Exhumed This is an illustration of a warrior riding a dragon.  The warrior has armor with a lion motif, a scimitar, a crescent-shaped shield and a collection of heads.  He has held on to the heads of some of his fallen enemies. The setting has an Ancient Persian inspired theme.  This illustration was created for NOD.  NOD is a bi-monthly gaming magazine for old school hex crawl games.