My illustration of a ferocious space crab monster

My illustration of a ferocious space crab monster on a distant planet orbiting the dying star Betelgeuse.  Betelgeuse is a red supergiant star 642.5 light years away from our planet.  Astronomers believe the star might end its life in a supernova explosion.   Started this illustration at a meeting at school way back in 2017.

Perilous perils on a perilous planet.

The title pretty much sums it up.  My illustration of a planet that is not suitable for intergalactic tourism.

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Made some fan art of D.C. Comics Etrigan the Demon

Here is my drawing of Etrigan the Demon that I made during a meeting at school.  I remember the episode of the Batman animated television show when Batman teamed up with Jason Blood the mortal that is bound to the demon Etrigan to fight Klarion the Witch Boy.  It was an unusual episode because Batman had to fight against an opponent that used dark magic.  Batman only had his trusty utility belt and the help of his Demon cursed friend Jason Blood.  In the D.C. Universe the wizard Merlin bound the unruly demon to a mortal peasant named Jason Blood and that is part of the backstory of the Demon Etrigan.  My mind wonders during meetings about educational mumbo jumbo and my mind happened to wonder into the memory of Batman and his demon buddy.

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Happy 2018! I’m starting the year out with a space Cyclops drawing.

Happy 2018!  Hopefully this is going to be a good year for my family and humanity in general.  I’m starting the year off with a space Cyclops drawing.  Started this one at a meeting at school way back in 2017.

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Snowman holiday illustration. #FrostytheSnowman

I made an illustration for the holidays.  It is my own version of Frosty the Snowman.  Just two more teaching days left in 2017.  Happy holidays to one and all.

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Red Sonja inspired ink drawing. #RedSonja

This was originally an unused sketch for a client.  I finished the sketch and added a background.  The character was inspired by Red Sonja from Marvel’s Conan The Barbarian comics. 

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Blue feathered Twitter monster

I was thinking about what Twitter would look like if it was an actual bird.  I believe it would look like this feather covered, toothless beaked jaw terrifying monster.   Lately, I have been posting more on Twitter and it is a beast of a different sort from WordPress.

Patrol on Hoth #Star Wars Fan Art

I made some Star Wars fan art in anticipation of The Last Jedi movie coming out this week. This is an illustration of a patrol on Hoth way out past the first marker of Echo Base. The small patrol is accompanied by a trusty Tauntaun.  I loved the Kenner toy Tauntauns my brother and I owned when we were kids.  The planet Hoth always resonates with me.   Being from Michigan a world of snow and ice is abundantly familiar.

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My illustration of an ice cream eating monster.

Had fun making a fair going monster in a state of peaceful happiness enjoying two scoops of chocolate chip ice cream.

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An alien in the corridor. Pen and ink illustration.

Started this drawing during an obligatory meeting at work.  I had fun adding all the various machinery around my angry looking alien.  

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