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Illustration of Alaskan Indian masks

Windows Vista imploded on my computer today. My lovely wife and I spent the majority of the day attempting with little success to bring Vista back to life. I was not able to finish the Illustration Friday picture I planned on completing. Instead, I have posted two drawings of Alaskan Indian masks I drew earlier this week during an art teacher in-service meeting. I created these drawing with a Crayola pen brush. In the first meeting of the in-service, all of us art teachers were packed into a computer lab. Several presenters tried to show us PowerPoint slides without a means to project them. I found a book about non-Western art, ensconced myself in a quite corner and sketched away.

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Alaskan Indian Mask

This is an ink wash drawing of an Alaskan Indian mask. I used a photo I took at the Detroit Institute of Art for reference. There was a huge verity of masks from many cultures at the DIA. The one thing that the masks have in common is that they are all quite stunning to behold.

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