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My alien inktober illustration

Here is my sixth illustration for Inktober 2019.  I made an illustration of an angry alien.

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More Illustrations For The Spooky Month Of October

In honor of the spooky month of October I created more spooky illustrations.  I made an alien, an owl and a plant monster.  I used black pens and added the color in Photoshop.  I’ll post my last set of spooky drawings next week.  Happy October!  alien owlPlantmonster  .

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Alien and Spacemen Sketches From My Trusty Sketchbook.

Here are a few alien and spacemen sketches from my trusty sketchbook.  Aliens are interesting to draw because they can look like anything you can imagine.   They can be strange, graceful creatures or terrifying monsters.  You can use forms both familiar and wondrous to create them.

Spacesketches1 copy Spacedrawing2 copy Spacesketch3 copy

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Strange creature in a deep dark forest on an alien planet

This is an image from my comic book drawings.  This drawing is of a strange creature in a deep dark forest on an alien planet.   I imagined the creature attracts moth like insects using a glowing lure like a deep sea fish.  At the bottom of the illustration I have two future space explorers stumbling upon the harmless creature.  I mostly used Pigma Micron ink pens to create the drawing.

Darkforestalienplanet copy

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