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Carrion Crawler in a cavern

This is the black and white ink line drawing I created for an illustration I colored awhile back.  I never posted this black and white line drawing.  A carrion crawler is a large caterpillar-like monster from Dungeons and Dragons.  It is one of the original creatures introduced in the game’s first supplement, Greyhawk, in 1975.

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I Have Always Loved Drawing Monsters

I created these drawings with a Faber-Castell brush artist pen and a Staedtler Fineliner pen.  The brush pen allows you to create a wonderful verity of line thicknesses, however it is hard to use for fine detail.  The drawings are of a subject I enjoy; I have always loved drawing monsters.  When I was young, my brother had a whole bunch of the TSR monster bendy toys from Dungeon and Dragons.  The toys were simple, almost completely without articulation and poorly painted, but they were a great deal of fun to play with.  He also had the TSR Fiend Folio book.  The Fiend Folio is a book filled with illustrations of heaps of imaginative creatures malevolent and benign.  The illustrations in the book I admire the most are created by Russ Nicholson.  His black and white illustrations have a great deal of detail and bold inking.  I figured I would make a few fan art drawings.  As a disclaimer, these drawings are neither created nor are they endorsed by the current copyright holders of TSR’s former property.  I made a Carrion Crawler, Hooked Horror and Rust Monster.  The Carrion Crawler is a mix of the original TSR version and the updated version.  I drew the Hooked Horror from the TSR Fiend Folio and the updated version (They both look incredibly ridiculous).   If you ran into the Hooked Horror in a dark passageway you would laugh and then run for your life.    I’ll post a few more Fiend Folio inspired drawings, next week.  carrion crawler copy hookhorror copy HookHorror2 copy copy

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