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My illustration of The Crawling Eye

I crawled back to posting work on my blog.  This is an illustration of a monster movie creature.  The Crawling Eye is a 1958 horror movie that involves some giant eye monsters attacking a small Swiss resort town.

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Druid going about his druid business #INKTOBER #INKTOBER2018

Another illustration I created for Inktober 2018.   I drew this illustration in Brazil and inked it here in the States.  This one is of a druid going about his mysterious druid business.  He had to do an errand, he had to pick a peck of Snide in a dark and gloomy Snide-field that was almost nine miles wide.

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Skeleton dancing in a graveyard #INKTOBER #INKTOBER2018

Another illustration I created for Inktober 2018.  I made this one of a skeleton dancing in a graveyard.

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Another illustration for Inktober 2018.  The Mind Flayer is a creature from the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game. They are also called Illithid and are monstrous humanoids with psionic powers.  Illithids feed on the brains of sentient creatures.  They typically live in the caverns and cities of the enormous Underdark.

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Crab Monster for #inktober #inktober2018

Another illustration I created for Inktober 2018.  I drew this illustration in Brazil and inked it here in the States.  I liked how this scene turned out.  That diver is in some serious trouble.

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Bride of Frankenstein #INKTOBER #INKTOBER2018

Another illustration for Inktober 2018.  This one is of a bride of Frankenstein looking woman craving a pumpkin.  It looks like she is made out of parts of the Dallas cheerleaders.

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Pumpkin Head for #inktober #inktober2018

Another illustration for Inktober 2018.  A made this sketch over the summer in Brazil.  I added the ink to it here in the States.  This strange fellow is going for a walk in a pumpkin patch at night.

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My fan art illustration of Dr. Strange #inktober #inktober2018

My first illustration for Inktober 2018.  I created a fan art illustration of Dr. Strange.  I looked at the comic book version of the character and the movie version depicted by Benedict Cumberbatch.  I leaned more on the original version for my rendering of his costume.  I added some Cthulhu looking statues in the background.   I thought Dr. Strange was cool as a kid because he is a mysterious wizard that looks a great deal like Count Dracula.   I did not really understand what Dr. Strange was all about as a kid.

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Strange Frog Like Monster

This is one of the illustrations I made this summer.  It is a drawing of a strange frog like monster.

October is just around the corner.  I am going to post a bunch of sketches I made and will be making for Inktober.   An illustrator named Jake Parker started the challenge back in 2009 and it has taken off since then.   I have been taking on the challenge the last several years, although I don’t follow the drawing prompts usually or the sketch a day guidelines.  There were not any drawing prompts until a few years ago, anyway.  I use the Inktober drawing challenge as a motivation to create and post some autumn, spooky and horror themed drawings.  I’ll be posting them starting next week.

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