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Fun with watercolor pens

I made an illustration of aliens with a set of watercolor pens. Santa gave the pens to my son for Christmas. My son and I had a good time making a bunch of drawings with the watercolor pens Christmas morning.

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Drawings From My Sketchbook

These drawings are some more from my sketchbook.  I drew these during a barrage of school meetings.  Nothing like good old meetings to inspire some decent doodles.  I used ball point pens for most of the drawings.

meetingsketch2 copy meetingsketch1 copymeetingsketch3 copy

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This is a tattooed woman with way too many necklaces.  I created this sketch with colored pencils, watercolors and markers.

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Kelp Forest

This sketch is from my visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The underwater kelp forest exhibit at the aquarium is amazing and while I was there, I sketched some of the fish as they hovered and swam through the kelp blades.

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Character sketches

These two character sketches were drawn at a technology conference I attended for school. I used a cheap ball point pen to make the sketches. The pen was the only thing I had on me at the time. The fellow that looks a little like Santa Claus gave a presentation all about a fun software program called comic life. During the presentation he was very inanimate and never smiled. The fellow with the monkey on his back was the opposite. He was overly animated and kept saying how technology should not be considered a monkey on our backs; hence the monkey on his back.

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