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Umber Hulk Illustration

This is my illustration of an umber hulk.  An umber hulk is a fictional creature in the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game. They are large, insect-like, four-eyed monstrosities who live deep under the earth.

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None Shall Pass

Was looking at some old 1980s role playing illustrations when I came up with this guy.  He has an old school RPG (Role Playing Game) feel about him.

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Hot headed undead illustration for a client.

Flaming undead illustration for a client (Esoterica Exhumed HTTPS://LANDOFNOD.BLOG/).  This fellow looks a little hot headed.

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Fun illustration of a creepy crab creature for a client.

This was a really fun illustration to create.   This drawing is work for an upcoming monster manual from Esoteric Exhumed https://landofnod.blog/  The monster is a crab-like, eel-necked, creepy creature with a couple arms and with three-fingered hands.  It is suppose to be holding a hapless adventurer in chains.  I’ll tell you what, drawing creepy crab creatures sure is fun!  It is not every day you are asked to create an eel-necked crab monster!

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Illustration for a client of a bone snake like creature. Things sneaking up on people is a recurring theme in my illustrations.

This is an illustration for a client of a bone snake like creature.  I could draw horrible things sneaking up on people all day and not get tired of that theme.   This drawing is work for an upcoming monster manual from Esoteric Exhumed https://landofnod.blog/

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Armored Fish Creature

I created a Devonian looking armored fish creature for this illustration.  I based the creature loosely on the Dunkleosteus.  The University of Michigan Museum of Natural History in Ann Arbor has the skull of a prehistoric armored fish.  I saw it when I was a kid and it left an indelible impression.



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Carrion Crawler Creeping and Crawling

I used Photoshop brushes to add color to my drawing of a Carrion Crawler sneaking up on some unsuspecting adventures.  Certainly had fun creating this illustration.  I used shades of greens and blues to create a unified palette.


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