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My Drawing of Baba Yaga The Russian Witch For #InkTober.

Happy Halloween!  For my fifteenth drawing for InkTober I made a drawing of Baba Yaga.  In Russian folklore, Baba Yaga is a ferocious witch.  She dwells deep in the forest in a hut standing on chicken legs surrounded by skulls.  

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Snake Charmer Drawing For #INKTOBER #INKTOBER2017

Here is my thirteenth drawing for InkTober.  It is a drawing of a snake charmer charming snakes.

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Little Monster Drawing For #INKTOBER #INKTOBER2017

Here is my tenth drawing for InkTober.  I created a kind of cute horned little monster.

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My Drawing Of A Headless Ghost For #INKTOBER #INKTOBER2017

Here is my ninth drawing for InkTober.  I had fun making this headless haunt.

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Candy Eating Ghost #INKTOBER #INKTOBER2017

Here is my seventh drawing for InkTober.  I made a hungry ghost who is going to have indigestion from eating too much Halloween candy.  

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Here is my sixth drawing for InkTober.  I wandered off from the spooky Halloween territory for this drawing.  This monster is my version of a Wendigo.  A Wendigo is a cannibal monster or evil spirit from Algonquian folklore.  The folklore comes from the forests of the Great Lakes Region of the United States and Canada.

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Butterfly Catcher #INKTOBER #INKTOBER2017

Here is my fifth drawing for InkTober.  I created a spooky illustration of a butterfly catcher.

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Witches’ Brew #INKTOBER #INKTOBER2017

Here is my fourth drawing for InkTober.  I created an illustration of a witch making a potion in her cauldron.

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Imps and a Pumpkin #INKTOBER #INKTOBER2017

I’m back for round two of InkTober.  Every October there is a drawing challenge to make one ink drawing a day the entire month. An illustrator by the name of Jake Parker created InkTober in 2009 as a challenge to improve inking skills and develop positive drawing habits.  I made it seventeen or eighteen drawings in last October.  I am planning to post every other day this year.  October is a busy month for me. Here is my first drawing, some imps and a pumpkin.  

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