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A witch and her reluctant familiar

This is an ink drawing I made of a witch and her reluctant familiar.  I made the drawing awhile back and colored it in Photoshop.  I never posted the black and white illustration before.

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Carrion Crawler in a cavern

This is the black and white ink line drawing I created for an illustration I colored awhile back.  I never posted this black and white line drawing.  A carrion crawler is a large caterpillar-like monster from Dungeons and Dragons.  It is one of the original creatures introduced in the game’s first supplement, Greyhawk, in 1975.

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Monster sketches made with watercolor pens.

Christmas morning I made an illustration of some monsters with a set of watercolor pens. My son and I spent that morning drawing.

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Big bad space creature

This is a pen and ink illustration of a large space creature I started drawing during a meeting at work.  Monsters have to be my favorite subject to illustrate.

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My illustration of a woman named Lola running from a huge slug-like monster. Run Lola run!

This is my illustration of a slug creature chasing a tomb raiding woman.  I started this drawing during a meeting and finished it at home with pen and ink.

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Haunted harvest

Here is my ninth illustration for Inktober 2019.  I made an illustration of a ghoulish creature.

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The monster hunter

Here is my seventh illustration for Inktober 2019.  I made an illustration of a monster hunter of some kind.  Not sure exactly where I was going with this one, but I went there.  As the Queen of Hearts said, “Off with their heads!”

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My alien inktober illustration

Here is my sixth illustration for Inktober 2019.  I made an illustration of an angry alien.

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My first illustration for Inktober 2019

Every October there is a drawing challenge to make one ink drawing a day the entire month (I plan on making two a week). An illustrator by the name of Jake Parker created InkTober in 2009 as a challenge to improve inking skills and develop positive drawing habits. Here is my first illustration for Inktober 2019. 

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Alien Attack!

My illustration of a space explorer encountering some hostile alien life forms.

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