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Inked in illustration of an unused undead creature design for a client’s role playing game.

This is an unused sketch I decided to ink.  The sketch was a design for a flaming fire corpse undead creature for a client’s role playing game.  The guys head is on fire!

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Alien monster in a jar captured by an exoplanetary biologist.

Had fun with the retro looking machinery that makes up the walls in this illustration.  The woman is an exoplanetary biologist looking with some pride at a particularly dangerous creature she managed to capture alive.  I sketched this illustration out for Inktober, but just found the time to ink it in this week.  Has some shades of the movie The Shape of Water.  However, this interspecies pair do not seem to be on good terms.  I still have not been able to see Guillermo del Toro’s latest movie.



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My ink illustration of a two headed zilant wyvern dragon.

I created this illustration of a two headed zilant wyvern for a client.  It is work for an upcoming monster manual from Esoteric Exhumed https://landofnod.blog/ A zilant wyvern is a legendary Tatar creature, something between a dragon and a wyvern.

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Perilous perils on a perilous planet.

The title pretty much sums it up.  My illustration of a planet that is not suitable for intergalactic tourism.

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Made some fan art of D.C. Comics Etrigan the Demon

Here is my drawing of Etrigan the Demon that I made during a meeting at school.  I remember the episode of the Batman animated television show when Batman teamed up with Jason Blood the mortal that is bound to the demon Etrigan to fight Klarion the Witch Boy.  It was an unusual episode because Batman had to fight against an opponent that used dark magic.  Batman only had his trusty utility belt and the help of his Demon cursed friend Jason Blood.  In the D.C. Universe the wizard Merlin bound the unruly demon to a mortal peasant named Jason Blood and that is part of the backstory of the Demon Etrigan.  My mind wonders during meetings about educational mumbo jumbo and my mind happened to wonder into the memory of Batman and his demon buddy.

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Ray gun illustration

Here is a spaceman sketch from my doodling in one of my education classes.  I am always drawn to the individual man versus monster theme.  In the end, we all have to face our monsters with nothing but a ray gun and our own gumption.

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The Lizard and the Jungle

This is my entry for this week’s Illustration Friday word of the week. The word of the week is, “Jump”. My charming and talented wife is in the process of creating a new website for my work. My WordPress blog is going to be integrated with the new site. The transition should go smoothly over the next few weeks and everything on the blog will remain the same. In the not too distant future my blog will become attached to my new portfolio site.

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Watercolor illustration for Illustration Friday

My computer has returned to life. It’s alive. It’s alive… It’s alive! This watercolor is yet another Illustration Friday illustration. The word of the week is, “suspense”. I included the pen and ink sketch below the final work.

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Caught in the act

Here once again is another illustration for Illustration Friday. Illustration Friday is a weekly art exhibit for illustrators and artists. The site was designed to challenge participants creatively to illustrate a word of the week. The word for this week is, “Highlight”. A Godzilla like monster instantly came into my mind.

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Frankenstein’s Monster

Frankenstein’s Monster is yet another one of my October Halloween sketches.

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