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Monster sketches made with watercolor pens.

Christmas morning I made an illustration of some monsters with a set of watercolor pens. My son and I spent that morning drawing.

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Big bad space creature

This is a pen and ink illustration of a large space creature I started drawing during a meeting at work.  Monsters have to be my favorite subject to illustrate.

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My illustration of a woman named Lola running from a huge slug-like monster. Run Lola run!

This is my illustration of a slug creature chasing a tomb raiding woman.  I started this drawing during a meeting and finished it at home with pen and ink.

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Haunted harvest

Here is my ninth illustration for Inktober 2019.  I made an illustration of a ghoulish creature.

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The monster hunter

Here is my seventh illustration for Inktober 2019.  I made an illustration of a monster hunter of some kind.  Not sure exactly where I was going with this one, but I went there.  As the Queen of Hearts said, “Off with their heads!”

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My alien inktober illustration

Here is my sixth illustration for Inktober 2019.  I made an illustration of an angry alien.

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My first illustration for Inktober 2019

Every October there is a drawing challenge to make one ink drawing a day the entire month (I plan on making two a week). An illustrator by the name of Jake Parker created InkTober in 2009 as a challenge to improve inking skills and develop positive drawing habits. Here is my first illustration for Inktober 2019. 

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Alien Attack!

My illustration of a space explorer encountering some hostile alien life forms.

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Alien monster inspired by the film, This Island Earth

This is an alien creature inspired by the 1955 movie, This Island Earth.  I remember watching the movie one Saturday at my grandparent’s home in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.   The film is full of campy elements, but it deserves respect as one of the more ambitious science fiction adventures of its time.  Mystery Science Theater 3000 also used the film to great effect.

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Lobster-monster-man. He is on a mission to free all the captive lobsters of the world.

Another meeting created monster.  I think I took some of the design from a Japanese Godzilla monster or something from the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers.  I can’t remember exactly what image inspired this lobsterman monster.

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