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Weird monster illustration of a cute and repulsive creature.

This in an illustration of a weird monster I made.  It is sort of cute and repulsive at the same time.  

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Horrid Eye Monster Man

This is an illustration I created for a client.  It was one of the sketches for some RPG artwork that I ended up finishing up in black and white.


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Monster Boat Attack!

Not even boats are safe from monster boat attacks!   This was a sketch I had started for Inktober.  I finished inking it and now present it to the world.


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Space Monster InkTober sketch #INKTOBER #INKTOBER2016

Here is my fourth drawing for inkTober.  It is some sort of big eyed Alien.  bigeyemonster


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Armored Fish Creature

I created a Devonian looking armored fish creature for this illustration.  I based the creature loosely on the Dunkleosteus.  The University of Michigan Museum of Natural History in Ann Arbor has the skull of a prehistoric armored fish.  I saw it when I was a kid and it left an indelible impression.



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Standard Fare of Robots and Monsters

Here are some sketches I created over the week.  They are my standard fare of robots and monsters.  The private eye and monster drawings look like something out of the fear-drenched universe of H. P. Lovecraft.  However, the monster could pass as a mutated creature from Super Mario Brothers. Robotsandmorerobots Lovecraftstuff Robotsdesign

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