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My illustration of an ice cream eating monster.

Had fun making a fair going monster in a state of peaceful happiness enjoying two scoops of chocolate chip ice cream.

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Adding Color to My Black and White Ink Work

These drawings are an illustration artistic experiment.  I’m learning how to add color in Photoshop to my black and white ink work.  I believe I’ll be able to come up with a faster more satisfying way to color my work.  My watercolors are not scanning the way I want, so Photoshop might work better.  I need to try something with more of a background.  The creature drawings are new, but the woman on the robot is a black and white drawing from a few months ago.  However, next time I’m going back in time.  So take me away, I don’t mind, but you better promise me I’ll be back in time.  Gotta get back in time!

Monstertest1 copy Monstertest3 copy Monstertest2 copy Robotwoman

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Homage to The Ghost of Captain Cutler

Here is another drawing from my sketch book that is a homage to Scooby-Doo.  The original episodes from Hanna-Barbera Productions, “Scooby-Doo, Where Are You” and “The Scooby-Doo Show” were big influences on my interest in drawing and monsters.   I remember being particularity fascinated by The Ghost of Captain Cutler.

 The Ghost of Captain Cutler copy 


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particularly monotonous meeting sketches

These drawings are some more from my sketchbook.  I drew some of these during a particularly monotonous meeting about lunch room scheduling.  Nothing like a good meeting about scheduling more time to talk about scheduling. sketchbookdrawings copy

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Ray gun illustration

Here is a spaceman sketch from my doodling in one of my education classes.  I am always drawn to the individual man versus monster theme.  In the end, we all have to face our monsters with nothing but a ray gun and our own gumption.

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The Lizard and the Jungle

This is my entry for this week’s Illustration Friday word of the week. The word of the week is, “Jump”. My charming and talented wife is in the process of creating a new website for my work. My WordPress blog is going to be integrated with the new site. The transition should go smoothly over the next few weeks and everything on the blog will remain the same. In the not too distant future my blog will become attached to my new portfolio site.

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Watercolor illustration for Illustration Friday

My computer has returned to life. It’s alive. It’s alive… It’s alive! This watercolor is yet another Illustration Friday illustration. The word of the week is, “suspense”. I included the pen and ink sketch below the final work.

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Frankenstein’s Monster

Frankenstein’s Monster is yet another one of my October Halloween sketches.

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Alligator monster encountered during a zoological survey.

This drawing came to me after I had started a sketch of an alligator monster. I imagined a man in charge of a zoological survey of an island similar to Skull Island from King Kong (If you don’t see the poor fellow, just look at the bottom corner of the picture). I dare say, to find a man’s true character, one should put him in charge of a zoological survey of Skull Island. Dangerous work, that goes without saying.

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Sea monster tea time.

I will never grow tired of drawing monsters, whimsical or frightening. This is an example of a whimsical monster as compared to some of the terrifying monsters I have posted. I changed a few aspects of the drawing when I finished the illustration. I thought the monster should be friendlier looking and ended up changing the creature’s face. Friendly or not, that girl is taking a big risk having tea with a sea monster!

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