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Ahoy a couple of pirate sketches.

Yo ho ho, I made a few pirate sketches.  I always enjoy drawing pirates and that is no hornswaggle.  Hope some son of a biscuit eater enjoys these drawings.

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Here There Be Pirates

This is an illustration from a few years ago that I never posted on my blog.  I created the illustration with oils and acrylics.  I have an undying affection for pirates.  I’ll have to post some new work as soon as I can make some new drawings.  I’m busy with baby stuff, baby showers, mom moving and end of the school year activities.  Life seems to be a quick succession of busy moments.  

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Pirate illustration argggg

This is the sketch for the new illustration I created. The full color illustration is on my portfolio page on my website. http://www.illustrationsbydavid.com/portfolio.htm
I have always had an interest in pirates since I was very young, particularly the buccaneers of the golden age of piracy. Violent crime and extortion on the high seas is an unusual subject matter to become popular in children’s literature, but you cannot contest its popularity.

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Arggg pirates.

Arggg here there be pirates. I have always had an interest in pirates since I was very young. I tried a different look for the faces of these pirates than what I typically draw.

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