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Illustration of a robot.

Here is a drawing of a robot I made way back at the end of May.  I inked the fellow in over the summer.

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Illustration of a robot with a brain.

Another unused design for a client that I inked in and added more elements to the composition.  This guy is a robot with a brain.  Looks like he is out for a stroll in what is left of an abandon RadioShack.  

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Watercolor Robot

I tried some new watercolor and Photoshop mixes on this robot.   Knocked this one out in about two hours, start to finish.  I also redesigned the look of the blog.  Thought it needed an update.

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A robot and his dog

This is the last of three retro robot drawings I created. I created the drawing with pen and ink. The color is applied in Photoshop. I’ll have to try another subject for my next sketch. I’m sure someday soon I will return to the subject of retro robots.

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Retro robot illustration

Here is the second of three retro robot drawings I created. This drawing is made with pen and ink and the color is applied in Photoshop. I came up with this robot’s design after looking at some 1950′s toy robots. I have always been a fan of B-Movies from yesteryear and of pulp science-fiction in all its wonderful forms.

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Retro Robots

This sketch is of a retro robot design I was mulling over. The design is for a color illustration I am currently working on.  I wanted a robot that looked like it belonged in the age of rayguns,  Sputnik and President Eisenhower.

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