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Canal Martian my fan art drawing for Space 1889

This is another illustration inspired by Space 1889 the tabletop role playing game of Victorian era space adventure.  This is my version of a Canal Martian warrior from Mars.  Canal Martians are the most advanced of the three Martian races.  However, their culture, though responsible for Mars’ highest cultural and scientific achievements, has been in decline for hundreds of years.  The Canal Martians general appearance is similar to that of humans, but they average a foot taller and are quite slender. They have pale ocher skin and large pointed ears.  I looked at some of the original art work for the game and come up with clothing that has a similar feel to the design.

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My illustration of exploration on Venus inspired by the tabletop role-playing game Space 1889.

This is another illustration inspired by Space 1889 the tabletop role-playing game of Victorian-era space-faring created by Frank Chadwick in 1988. This is an illustration of a British explorer and his native lizard-man Venusian guide exploring deep into the sweltering swamps of Venus atop a trained giant crab.  Venus is often depicted in early science fiction literature as being warmer, but still habitable by humans. In Space 1889, Venus is a world covered with a perpetual cloud layer obscuring the surface from view. Under the clouds Venus has a very hot, wet climate and it’s surface is covered in shallow seas, trackless jungles and swamps.  The planet is dominated by giant dinosaurs and a myriad of other dangerous primeval beasts.  


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