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My Edgar Rice Burroughs inspired Martian looking character.

I inked in an unused sketch for a client ( John Stater of Esoterica Exhumed HTTPS://LANDOFNOD.BLOG/).  This illustration is an Edgar Rice Burroughs inspired Martian looking character.  Edgar Rice Burroughs was an American pulp fiction author most famous for creating Tarzan.  He also wrote novels about Barsoom his fictional representation of the planet Mars.  Edgar Rice Burroughs  was very influential in the adventure and science-fiction genres of literature. I read A Princess of Mars, the first in Burroughs Barsoom series.  Still is a great novel in the adventure and science-fiction genre over a hundred years after its 1912 publication date.

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Happy 2018! I’m starting the year out with a space Cyclops drawing.

Happy 2018!  Hopefully this is going to be a good year for my family and humanity in general.  I’m starting the year off with a space Cyclops drawing.  Started this one at a meeting at school way back in 2017.

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I’m giving InkTober a go #inktober #inktober2016

My buddy Mike convinced me to give InkTober a try.  Every October there is a drawing challenge to make one ink drawing a day the entire month. An illustrator by the name of Jake Parker created InkTober in 2009 as a challenge to improve inking skills and develop positive drawing habits.  I might fall short of thirty one drawings, October is a busy month for me.  I’m posting two this first time.  trick-or-treat-batman


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Alien and Spacemen Sketches From My Trusty Sketchbook.

Here are a few alien and spacemen sketches from my trusty sketchbook.  Aliens are interesting to draw because they can look like anything you can imagine.   They can be strange, graceful creatures or terrifying monsters.  You can use forms both familiar and wondrous to create them.

Spacesketches1 copy Spacedrawing2 copy Spacesketch3 copy

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Ray gun illustration

Here is a spaceman sketch from my doodling in one of my education classes.  I am always drawn to the individual man versus monster theme.  In the end, we all have to face our monsters with nothing but a ray gun and our own gumption.

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