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Intergalactic Mercenaries

Some intergalactic mercenary character sketches inspired by Scott V. Bosch’s illustrations. 

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Alien Attack!

My illustration of a space explorer encountering some hostile alien life forms.

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Spaceman and alien sketches

It is summer time here in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada.  At last it is summer break!  Last night I pulled out my trusty sketch book for the first time in weeks and filled a few pages with alien and spacemen sketches.   I’ll post a few more of my sketches, soon.

Spacesketch1 copySpacesketch2 copy

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Some fun alien sketches

Here are some alien sketches I created over the weekend.  The lizard character looks like the lizard man that Captain Kurt had a rock fight with.

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Sketching during class

These are some sketches I created during one of my late night teacher education classes.   Nothing better than sketching in class.  Sketching in class was one of my favorite activities in my elementary school classes.  Well, in every class I have ever taken in my life, really.

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Alien sketches

Here are some black and white line drawings of two aliens in a bar argument and a space lemur creature. I was sketching aliens last Friday.

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More Spacemen

Below are two more spacemen in my series, “Drawings of Space Men I found Lying Around my Office.” The first one is grumpy looking and reminds me of some strange character from a Circus de Soleil show. The second one I drew on my math placement test. I like his ray gun with its understated zap.

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The first two spacemen are from the limited series of posts called, “Drawings of Spacemen I found Lying Around my Office”. The first one is called Mort The Helpful. I remember that I imagined him as an unhelpful creature from a far distant galaxy. His name was only there to mislead you! The second drawing is two fez wearing, angry looking fellows from the planet Turkwomanistan.

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