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Fleeing centaur illustration for a client.

More work for a client the RPG publisher Esoterica Exhumed  https://landofnod.blog/ This is an illustration of a fleeing centaur with a half-faun hanging on.  They are fleeing from some terrible fate. The setting has an Ancient Persian inspired theme.  This illustration and the next illustration I will post later this week were created for NOD.  NOD is a bi-monthly gaming magazine for old school hex crawl games.

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Weird monster illustration of a cute and repulsive creature.

This in an illustration of a weird monster I made.  It is sort of cute and repulsive at the same time.  

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Maori-ish Warriors

Below are some drawings of combatants inspired by the Maoris of New Zealand. They are not meant to accurately depict Maori warriors. I went to New Zealand when I was a senior in High School and have always had a great interest in that beautiful country.

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The first two spacemen are from the limited series of posts called, “Drawings of Spacemen I found Lying Around my Office”. The first one is called Mort The Helpful. I remember that I imagined him as an unhelpful creature from a far distant galaxy. His name was only there to mislead you! The second drawing is two fez wearing, angry looking fellows from the planet Turkwomanistan.

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Wooden Monster

This mighty wooden monster was created for a client’s publication. The monster was the client’s idea and is a conglomerate of wooden toys that combined to make a huge wooden beast to be held together by some magic dripping green goo; the creature’s disposition was not elaborated upon, so it might be friendly or not.  I created this illustration with markers and watercolors.

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Alaskan Indian Mask

This is an ink wash drawing of an Alaskan Indian mask. I used a photo I took at the Detroit Institute of Art for reference. There was a huge verity of masks from many cultures at the DIA. The one thing that the masks have in common is that they are all quite stunning to behold.

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Character sketches

These two character sketches were drawn at a technology conference I attended for school. I used a cheap ball point pen to make the sketches. The pen was the only thing I had on me at the time. The fellow that looks a little like Santa Claus gave a presentation all about a fun software program called comic life. During the presentation he was very inanimate and never smiled. The fellow with the monkey on his back was the opposite. He was overly animated and kept saying how technology should not be considered a monkey on our backs; hence the monkey on his back.

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