Alien and Spacemen Sketches From My Trusty Sketchbook.

Here are a few alien and spacemen sketches from my trusty sketchbook.  Aliens are interesting to draw because they can look like anything you can imagine.   They can be strange, graceful creatures or terrifying monsters.  You can use forms both familiar and wondrous to create them.

Spacesketches1 copy Spacedrawing2 copy Spacesketch3 copy

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3 thoughts on “Alien and Spacemen Sketches From My Trusty Sketchbook.

  1. Cindy D. says:

    Don’t forget cute, hilarious, and downright silly. Which is how my aliens usually go. 🙂

    Wonderful collection of personalities! I love both human types in the middle group, and this last fellow with the suspenders and fluffy ears.

  2. Cindy, thanks for stopping by and leaving one of your thoughtful comments. You are right, they can be cute and downright silly. I should post a few more cute sketches. I have a tendency to veer off into the realm of scary and dangerous creatures.

  3. Nathan says:

    Very cool collection of aliens. With all those worlds out there, what are the chances that one of your creatures is actually drinking in a moon bar somewhere as I type? However, I think to meet the girl on the automatic divan one might have to invent or use a time machine and go back to a 50s movie set. Wouldn’t it be funny if the alien form the top picture bottom was the one we actually meet? At least yours are more realistic then the no-neck, no-junk, big eyed jerks that keep abducting people was are late for work or trying to argue they way out of a DUI.

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